Providing fresh water to people who have to cover long distances for a drop of water, preventing contagious diseases caused by contaminated water, providing water for the agricultural lands remaining unproductive due to water shortages and supporting the development of the people of those regions, we carry out projects of digging water wells in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cote D’ivoire, Ghana, Cameroon, Mali, Uganda, Somalia, Sudan, and Tanzania.

The benefactors who would like to donate our projects titled “Water Well” may either donate, if they wish, the entire amount needed to dig a well and get the right to name the well or contribute any amount they can to our cash pool accounts opened for digging wells. After receiving the donation, the procedure of planning, drawing the project, digging and construction the well takes about one to three months. After the official opening of the water well, we send by cargo the pictures and video recording of the opening ceremony to the donors who pay the entire amount needed to dig a well.

The amount needed to dig a well changes in accordance with the economic conditions of the region, the situation of the ground where the well will be dug as well as the technological features of the well such as being manual (lift and force pump), powered by solar energy or electricity, or generator. The repairs and malfunctions that occur in time are met by our foundation.


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