Our Mission, Vision and Values


Our Vision, Mission And Values


“To introduce Islamic culture, civilization and values to entire humanity, and to become a benchmark with the method, manner and corporate structure it lays out in its education, publication and humanitarian relief activities, in Turkey and Muslim-populated countries.”


“To raise a highly merited generation, who are well-educated in every aspect, developed a sense of responsibility, hold on to our morals and values, thus represent Islam in the best way, and to offer relief to problems of the society wherever there is need, develop solidarity among Muslims, and act as a gate to spiritual service, thanks to contributions by competent and devoted educators, human resources and volunteers.”


“Our values reflect the corporate identity we depend on to fulfill our responsibility towards our stakeholders/sympathizers on the way to accomplishing our Vision, and define the basic principles that guide all of our activities and decisions.”

1- Ikhlas and Sincerity

Mean to turn one’s face to Allah in all acts of worship and actions, whether inner or physical, in a straight, sincere and pure manner without taking credit for one’s ego and to eliminate hypocrisy thereof.

2- Excitement and Sacrifice

Mean to make serving with one’s body and possessions a passion, with love and enthusiasm and without expecting gain, and to foster this strong and passionate feeling deep inside.

3- Mercy and Compassion

Mean to seek Allah’s consent in all of our interactions with His creatures, to attend to problems and sorrows of people closely, and to offer help to the needy with pure love.

4- Merit / Competence

Means to choose people and organizations that deserve to undertake responsibility with their knowledge, capacity, virtues and experience, in tasks and jobs related to employees and other organizations with which we cooperate.

5- Sense of Responsibility

Means to have a sense of accountability toward Allah and His servants and possess an awareness of “ihsan” as we carry out our activities, with the consciousness that all of our actions are recorded.

6- Justice

Means to be restrained and moderate, with conscientious and rightful actions, to stay clear of oppression and to treat people and organizations equally without discrimination, within borders defined by religious and social guidelines.

7- Knowledge and Wisdom

Mean to ripen the knowledge accumulated through education and training in the ocean of heart and soul and then convert it to real life practice, to make it the goal of people we educate to turn knowledge into wisdom, and to work for this purpose.

8- Courage and Patience

Mean not to give up and show resilience in the face of hardship and distress, and display courage in a balanced and restrained way.

9- Insight and Steadfastness

Mean to have a deep and encompassing view of events, with an insight into apparent and hidden reasons, and to maintain a steadfast and honest stance as needed to gain Allah’s consent in one’s actions.

10- Manners and Gracefulness

Mean to adhere to a graceful, decent, polite, courteous and moderate code of conduct in words and actions in all aspects of life.

11- Transparency and Accountability

To record all kinds of information pertaining to activities of our Foundation in an accurate, complete, understandable, explainable and easily accessible way and share it with relevant parties as necessary.

12- Avoiding Wastage and Luxury

Mean to spend revenues and other assets and blessings prudently, and to avoid excessive and unnecessary spending of the assets of the Foundation in useless, harmful and unlawful ways.


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