We are carrying out reconstruction and revival activities for war victims in Syria. In this direction, with the collaboration of our foundation and the Turkish Religious Foundation, we completed the construction of the briquette houses in the Mukawama camp in the Azaz region of Syria and delivered them to their owners.

350 briquette houses built as blocks for war victims living in tents in Idlib and Azaz regions in northern Syria were named as “Barakat Houses.” Each of these houses, built for war victims who struggled for life in makeshift tents to live in a more humane environment, has a kitchen, washbasin, and bathroom.

In addition to the 350 briquette houses in the Mukawama camp, Musa Efendi Mosque was opened for worship and served to the people of the region again with the support and collaboration of our foundation and the Turkish Religious Foundation (TRF). Kilis Deputy Governor Ömer Yılmaz, our foundation, and the representatives of TRF were present at the opening ceremony.

Hacı Hasan Mallı Imam-Hatip High School, which has a capacity of 200 students, started to provide education services with the support of our foundation in the Cobanbey (Al-Rai) region. The school has a dormitory, a mosque, and a dining hall.

Our foundation continues its activities in the fields of accommodation, education, and humanitarian aid in Syria.


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