1. You can visit our headquarter in person and making a donation in return for an invoice
  2. You can donate through donation page in our web site by using your credit cards or other bank cards.
  3. You can make transfer to our bank accounts
  4. By visiting our contracted banks in person and depositing money directly to our donation accounts,
  5. Through the branches of PTT by making deposit to postal checking account number 5734726,
  6. By sending an SMS message of “AFRİKA, AŞEVİ, BAĞIŞ, EĞİTİM, FİLİSTİN, GIDA, KIŞ, SURİYE, YEMEN” to 4832
  1. By sending an SMS message of “IFTAR, FIDYE, or FITRE” to 4948 in the month of Ramadan

You make contribute to our humanitarian aids and projects of education, zakat, food, sacrifice, Africa, Syria, Orphan, etc. and help the needy, the orphans, and the students smile in Turkey and abroad.


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